A Day in The Berkshires

(Originally published in Oct. 2020)

Autumn in the Berkshires is magical.

Approximately two to three hours from Boston (depending on where you want to go) on the New York state line - the Massachusetts county offers amazing views in the fall.

It's perfect for a weekend getaway BUT it can also be done in a day (if you are like me and don't mind a very stringent planned day with a decent amount of driving).

Here's what I did on my day in the Berkshires.

We started at the Mount. It was country home in Lenox of American author Edith Wharton - she designed it and its grounds and it is GORGEOUS.

The grounds are free to explore as are is the bookstore but you do need advance reservations to tour the Main House. Tickets are $10-$20.

Pro-tip: If you have a Bank of America card, admission is free.

Because of time constraints we decided to just explore the grounds.

Oddly, even after living in the area for years I had never been here before and now I want to go back to see the inside as soon as possible.

Once you walk past the home down the path you get to a lovely garden area with a fountain.

Yes, I failed miserable at taking pictures of anything but myself but my lovely friend Glenn who is on instagram did a much better job you can see his lovely pictures here.

They just announced they are doing a winter art installation called NightWood which sounds really neat.

Note: Masks are required (you can see there is no one around me and my friend is using a long lens)

You could spend hours here but - again - this is Berkshires in a day.

Next up! I was hungry and I get annoying when I'm hungry plus I needed to make an outfit change. So we headed to The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge which is only a few minutes away.

It's iconic and I used to come here often.

It's an older crowd, the food isn't amazing but it's a lovely historic inn and worth it if you've never been.

Did I take any pictures of all the loveliness? No. Why? I was hungry.

And again. I get very focused on the mission of eating when I'm hungry.

Do I regret that? No. Well, kind of.

This is kind of a boring part - my salad is uninteresting. Go to their website, it's cute.

Next up! The Clark Art Institute.


Both indoors and out, well worth the day trip alone.

Admission was $20. They don't participate in the Bank of America program but that's ok, it was worth the price.

Much like the Mount though there is a great amount outdoors that is open to the public without paying admission.

There are hiking trails along the property and you can just take in the architecture.

There are separate buildings with different exhibits (check the website for Covid-related closures) and you can drive to one that is relatively far away on a hill OR walk up the scenic path. (Same message about the masks FYI)

The museum's collection is varied and impressive. I did take pictures inside and a few are on my instagram page here.

After exploring the collections and spending some time taking in the architecture we walked around and just marveled at the foliage. The trails are beautiful.

Again - this one is worth a full afternoon but it felt like we got a great experience even in a couple of hours.

I picked activities I could wear pretty dresses for this trip but my past trips have always revolved around hiking.

I think that will be my next trip!

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