Everyone has a story - Here's part of mine

I am a writer, media strategist and coach based in Boston. 
As a former TV news reporter, I worked for nearly two decades at networks across the country. 
I won two Emmy Awards for my coverage of the 2011 Springfield, MA tornado.  
I consider many places home.
I was born in Tampa, Florida then spent some of my childhood in St. Petersburg, Florida.
I then moved to the Philippines where I spent several years and graduated high school.
I returned to the U.S. to New England which has become my new home despite leaving the area a few times for work.
I am a 2005 graduate of Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI with degrees in communications and political science.
I'm passionate about mental health, protecting our environment and animals. 
I'm partial to two animals - my rescue corgi Dahlia and my goldendoodle Griffin.

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